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Liability & Condition of Use

TA Horizons has no control over the final assembly because it specifically depends upon the knowledge and experience of the person involved directly in its handling, or the manner in which the model is assembled, radio gear installed, and electronic parts are used and maintained. Thus, no liability is assumed or accepted for any damages resulting from the use of the assembled model aircraft. By the act of using this user-assembled product, the user accepts all the resulting liabilities. In no event shall TA Horizons’ liability exceed the original purchase price of the  product


The user is advised to comply with all local laws and regulations. TA Horizons will have no  responsibility over the user assembled product and its end use. TA Horizons has the right to change  any content on the website, product information brochure, or the manuals, at any point of time without any prior notice.

TA Horizons checks each plane before shipping to ensure that each kit is in fine condition. We  have no bearing on the condition of any component parts damaged by use, modification, or in  assembling of the model. Inspect the components of this kit upon receipt. If you find any parts damaged or missing, please contact TA Horizons immediately. We will not accept the return or replacement of parts on which assembly work has already begun. 

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